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Fluorescence Microscopy Workshop V - March 16-20 - Institut Pasteur

Registration is free but mandatory : WWW.PASTEUR.FR/EN/FMWV

The Fluorescence Microscopy Workshop will include a symposium (17th march) with a series of seminars to explore the latest technological and scientific developments in fluorescence microscopy. This year, talks around both acquisition and analysis in living imaging will be designed with scientific and commercial presentations. This edition promises a lot of intense scientific discussions on these topics.

This symposium, which will take place in the auditorium of the François Jacob building, represents a unique opportunity to hear from the leading experts in fluorescence microscopy about their latest research findings.

To coincide with this event, various companies will also be invited to display their state-of-the-art technological equipment with demonstrations on the campus 12 companies have accepted the invitation to come and present either their technology or their materials.

This 5th edition of FMW benefits from direct financial supports from invited companies and the C2RT for the organization. We strongly encourage PhD students and post-docs to participate to this workshop.

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